University of Local Knowledge (ULK) aims to uncover, share and celebrate the skills, talents and expertise within Knowle West, Bristol, and the surrounding areas.

Since 2008, residents of Knowle West have been sharing their specific expertise and experiences: some 900 short films have been collected and integrated in this website. The films have been organized into Courses that sit within Departments in the Knowle West Campus.

By referencing this academic system of categorizing “knowledge”, ULK aims to challenge perceptions of how we gain, use and value it. ULK also aims to promote the value of community-led learning alongside more traditional academic understandings of knowledge.

Users are invited to add their own knowledge by uploading new short films of themselves sharing their skills, and suggest resources that are relevant to courses in ULK.
The University of Local Knowledge (ULK) is a long-term collaboration between Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), artist Suzanne Lacy and the residents of Knowle West in South Bristol. It has been developed and produced by Arnolfini, University of Bristol and University of West of England and supported by Bristol City Council (Art in the Public Realm), the BBC, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).